Bank of Ireland logo

Personal Project

Bank of Ireland Application Redesign

Prior to a complete app relaunch in 2020, Bank of Ireland’s mobile experience left a lot to be desired.

Banking Should Be Easy

I decided to design something that was on brand and simple to use. Their customers range from tech-savvy young people to old age pensioners, so it was important to make it an easy customer experience. Checking your balance is one of the key reasons to keep a banking app on your phone – it made no sense to me that you’d have to jump through two security hoops to get that far.

Banking on the Go

I’ve used a number of other banking apps over the years and took inspiration from them (hat tip to Revolut, Monzo and HSBC for their pleasant banking experiences!). I followed what brand guidelines I could find and wanted to present a user experience that can be maneuvered with one hand (not the case at the time).